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[JustBlogIt] Announcing The Slackware Handbook Project

一月 31, 2005

Announcing The Slackware Handbook Project

Mad Penguin 日前宣佈成立 Slackware Handbook Project,以提供 Slackware 的使用者們完善易讀且高品質的技術文件,其運作模式將會彷照 FreeBSD Handbook。

Mad Penguin announced today that they have launched the Slackware Handbook Project , promised to be the most complete documentation ever created for the oldest Linux distribution in active development. The handbook will be a very close cousin to the FreeBSD Handbook , which is a document noted for its thorough approach to documenting the operating system. According to sources at Mad Penguin, there is a void in the current offerings of technical documents available for the popular open source operating system.

其中 Mad Penguin 的創辦人 Adam Doxtater 提到︰

Not only will we be able to provide a central documentation source for Slackware Linux, but in keeping with the theory of this model, it will never be dated.

Slackware Handbook Project 網址︰

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