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[JustBlogIt] Slackware 10.1 Beta 1

一月 23, 2005

The Slackware Linux Project: Slackware ChangeLogs

經過長時間的等待,Slackware 10.1 Beta 1 已公布,相信再過不久,一套穩定強健的 Slackware Linux Distribution 即將面世。

Patrick 自從重病康復後,在公開場合所談的言論似乎越來越感人了,以堅定的語氣表示 Slackware 仍會繼續存在:

So, this verson is going to be wrapped up pretty quickly. I hope people will support the release, because I”””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””’’m sure I”””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””’’ll have a lot more bills before all of this is through, and I”””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””’’m blowing through what little money I”””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””’’ve managed to save. Again, I”””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””’’m not asking for donations, but I hope that when Slackware 10.1 comes out that people wanting to help out will order it. Also, in case of emergency I”””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””’’ve left instructions with some very trusted people, so nobody should have to worry that if something happens to me that their Slackware systems will be orphaned and unsupported. It may be a long road back for me, but there will be people taking care of security issues as they crop up (like the folks at GUS-BR and SlackSec), and if I should make an unplanned departure there are is a basic plan of succession in place.

Thanks again to all the kind folks I”””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””’’ve known over the years, and I hope to know you for many more. 🙂

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