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[JustBlogIt] Further Confessions of a Slacker –

一月 22, 2005

Further Confessions of a Slacker –

作者拿了 Slackware-current (12-23-04 版) 的 Snapshot ISO 安裝到他的機器上,並將安裝過程的一些經驗及自己的看法寫下來,包括 RAID1, SMP 的 kernel 支援,一些服務的設定,NVIDIA 與 X 的安裝設定等等。

最後一段有描述他個人對於 “Linux is not necessarily for everybody” 的看法:

Anyway, Linux is not for everybody, and, as you can see here, it can take quite a bit on post-install to get it working just the way you want it; but that”””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””’’s the beauty I find in Linux – it”””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””’’s MY computer again, and I can do with it what I choose, how I choose; I can run what I want to run, how I want to run it. Slackware happens to be my mode of transport on the long, winding Linux road ahead, but the way I see it, as long as you”””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””’’re on the road, happy Linux trails.

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