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Slackware x86_64 Port

一月 8, 2005

[announce] work in progress – x86_64(amd64) port

The packages lists can be found at:

Important notes:
– These packages so far provide a bootable system, with all neccesary development tools, but not really a “useful” system
– These packages use GCC 3.4, due to much improved amd64 support
– A 2.6 kernel is highly recommended, due to much improved amd64 support
– I have no aaa_elflibs pack yet – this is a mix of the basics from l/ – i strongly recommend you install everything i”””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””’’ve got in l/ at the moment – there”””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””’’s not much anyway.
– It”””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””’’s a little awkward right now – a work-it-out-yourself mix of upgradepkg and installpkg is neccessary (basically, installpkg glibc, upgradepk everything else, apart from installpkg bzip2 so that you can continue using 32-bit tar until you upgradepkg tar).
– I”””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””’’m not including some packages that Pat does due to compatability – my definition of incompatible is if I can”””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””’’t get it to work, debian pure64 haven”””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””’’t got it to work, and gentoo amd64 haven”””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””’’t got it to work.

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