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Innovative Uses of RFID Tags

十一月 21, 2004

Innovative Uses of RFID Tags
幾個 RFID 的實際應用…

When your newspapers write something about RFID tags, it”””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””’’s almost always about Wal-Mart or how these tags are threatening our privacy. But they often miss the important innovations brought by this technology. For example, in Florida, RFID drives highway traffic reports on more than 200 miles of toll roads. Or take DHL, which is tracking fashion with RFID tags on more than 70 million garments in its French distribution center. Elsewhere, in Texas, 28,000 students test an e-tagging system which promises better security for them. And what about RFID tags which could prevent surgical errors and have just been approved in the U.S last week? So, what do you think? Are these innovations promising a better future for us or not? Read more…

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